How long will it take for my seat belt package to be delivered?

If you made the payment before the established production date, you will receive a status on your order from our team. However, if you made it after the production date, it will take approximately 20 days after making the purchase, and our team will contact you.

How do I know if my payment was made?

The Infamous Belts Mexico team will contact you to make an adjustment on the design of your seat belts.

How can I make a return?

If your seat belts are completely personalized, we cannot make any refunds. However, if it has any aesthetic detail, we can make a change, it is only exempt from reimbursement. Infamous Belts Mexico is not responsible for loss by the package or damage to third parties.

How do I calculate the shipping price?

At Infamous Belts Mexico we take care that the shipment reaches the door of your home or established address, therefore, we focus on quality services, so shipping to any place is totally free.

Do you ship abroad?

At the moment we only take care of shipping nationwide, expect Infamous Belts in your city soon!


Any questions?
You can contact our team in our Contact section. We will be happy to make any kind of assistance.